Frozen Fantasy

Tracy and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary at dinner and had a calm quiet evening together. We decided that nothing we could plan would ever replace the memory of our third anniversary. That anniversary was quite an adventure.

I think our third anniversary was really kind of special because your first and second anniversary continue to bear the presence of the "Honey Moon" stage and you still act like you are dating to some degree. In the third year you really begin to start acting like husband and wife.

You know what I mean — we still love each other but but we're just trying to impress each other as much or keep from embarrassing ourselves like you do when you are dating.

So that third anniversary was special to both of us. We decided to go to the St. Louis Petersburg beach for the weekend on Florida's west coast which was only 1 h hours from our house. The beach is nicer, the waters warmer and they have some great hotels.

I was really looking forward to it, a romantic dinner, maybe a walk on the beach and of course a reenactment of our honeymoon night.

Everything started out great ——— We ate in a revolving restaurant at the top of one of the nicer beach resort hotels. The meal was fantastic, the wine was good and Tracy looked fabulous in a clinging black dress with just the right amount of Jewelry. Of course I had visions of how the evening would end from the minute she appeared all dressed up for dinner. After we finished eating, we did take that romantic walk on the beach. It helped with the digestive process after the big dinner but it also worked on another type of appetite.

We returned to our hotel room and to say the least I was kind of in an anticipatory frenzy. Remember at 3 years we were still considered newly weds. Tracy is a romantic and she wanted to extend the romance. Being a certified massage therapist she warmly claimed that I just relax as she was going to give me a massage.

I surprised about this. For a vanishing moment, I thought this was not part of the plan. Tracy always planned ahead but who was I to pass up this kind of special pampering. I was eagerly submissive to the suggestion, encouragement and help in disrobing until I was lying on the bed —- Face down with a bath towel covering me just as if I was in a day spa getting ready for the massage.

This was nice ——- I was really enjoying it. Tracy started the massage using a very soothing cream —– so I thought.

After about twenty minutes Tracy said;

"Ok Sweetie turn over ———- let me do the front now."

This was heaven. She massaged my entire body using that cream from my Nose to my Toes leaving only a minimal amount of my entire body untouched.

I have to admit, it was incredible. Right about the time my feelings started to turn a little amorous-I felt a chill —- then a shiver ——— and before you know it I was freezing to death. I thought I was gonna die. My teeth started actually chattering it was so cold. I had never been this cold in all my life.

"What's going on – Something is wrong-I'm freezing to death"; I screamed.

I jumped up from the bed, wrapped myself in the bedspread by rolling over and over until I looked like the Michelin man.

About this time ———- Tracy finds humor in my actions and begin to laugh. I'm dying and she laughs … I thought I was going into hypothermic shock.

I kept cry out- "This is not funny-I'm really freezing …. This is serious".

I roled off the bed trying to hop to the bathroom and jump in a scaling hot shower. I fell and hit my head on the bed. Fortunately it was on the mattress so I did not hurt myself.

Tracy thought that was even funnier. I started getting mad — I wanted to yell at her but my words quit coming out in a ch ch ch attend!

"Wwwwwwhhhat dddid yyyou pput on me; I asked? She did not answer, she could not because she was laughing so hard.

I finally made it to the shower and jumped under very hot water ——– It felt awesome. But as soon as I got out — I was freezing again. I took three showers and still felt like I was going to freeze to death.

I wrapped up in blankets and made Tracy lay on top of me to provide more body heat.

After about an hour, I warmed up enough to talk and actually look at that tube of cream she put all over my body.

It was called BIOFREEZE for ankle sprains and bruised muscles. The Warning Label on the tube read —– Caution — ONLY TO BE USED IN SMALL AREA's.

Needless to say — the romance of our third anniversary disappeared for that night anyway.

I could have died for crying out loud. She had grabbed the wrong lotion; She thought she was using a simple hand cream.

She still laughs every time we talk about it. I think our third anniversary will probably be the most memorable even when we celebrate our 25th.