Friendship Quotes to Understand the Symptoms of Friendship and Learn How to Move Ahead

Friendship is the need of our life. We often read lots of friendship quotes and proverbs, but do not follow rules of friendship. This relation starts with same liking, same interests and the feeling of care for each others. Let's share about the symptoms of friendship and learn how to move further.

We meet lots of people but some of them attract us. Their qualities, their way of speaking and their views impress us. We feel like talking to them. If it happens with you than consider that you are going to fall in a lovely relationship of friendship. Friendship is something which is not planned but it is something which can happen anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

Many friendship quotes have been written to understand the symptoms of friendship. I would like to share some of them:

1. You feel good in your prospected friend's company.
2. You feel satisfied while in touch with that person.
3. You wish to share your views with him / her.
4. You like his / her body language.
5. You want to find a reason for conversation.

If you are facing same indications, that means you are going to make a new friend. But now you should know how to make him / her your friend. You need to learn how to move ahead in making new friend. I would like to tell you some points to move further:

1. If you have any common friend than take his / her help to start.
2. Find out a topic of common interest to start your conversation.
3. Try to know about his / her background.
4. Share your views about him / her.
5. Exchange your contact numbers.
6. Find out some reason to meet again.

By doing all these steps, you will know more about that person and you can see the compatibility. Now you can offer him / her your friendship. If the feeling of friendship is arising from both side than no doubt you both can be good friends. Friendship is all about caring and sharing. So follow this rule of friendship and make your life better. By finding one true friend, you can enjoy many happy moments.