Frequency Specification Of Vibration Fitness Machines


Around the globe, vibration fitness machines are gaining a lot of popularity in the health and fitness industry. They have a large vibrating plate that is usually in the shape of an oval or rectangle. These machines are well equipped with accessories like a pad to sit on, straps to fasten to the sides of the machine, bath mats, knee pads, padded gloves, aerobic steps, platforms, yoga mats / padded exercise mats, interlocking foam / rubber tiles , stretch bands, yoga balls / chairs and weights / weight vests (experienced users only). In a short amount of time, you get a whole body work out. The work out is the result of rapid muscle stimulation caused by the vibrations produced by the machine.

The two variables which can be adjusted on a whole body Vibration fitness machines are:

· Amplitude: The distance the platform travels in a vertical direction
· Frequency: The speed at which the platform cycles.

By adjusting frequency, we can control the number of times per second our muscles contract. The strength of the vibration is adjusted by Amplitude. This amplitude controls the amount of force executed on our body. It all depends upon the degree of difficulty in stabilizing yourself and the flow of blood through our body. This also has been backed by research that different frequencies will have different effects on our body. It all depends on what your goal is and also what all effects you are expecting to benefit from. This will determine what frequency you should run your platform at.

All Whole Body vibration machine fall into one of two categories:

Lineal: Often referred to as vertical Whole Body Vibration platforms. There are some variants such as 3D vibration. These machines work great with higher frequencies and lower amplitudes.

Pivotal: Referred to as oscillating Whole Body Vibration platforms. These machines work great with lower frequencies and have higher amplitudes. Before you buy, always ensure the machine has a full range of frequencies. This is because many platforms are being sold in the market today with frequencies that do not exceed 11-14Hz.

6-8Hz is good for Balance and Stability,

11-14Hz for Relaxation of muscles, Injury rehabilitation, Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, Mobilization of joints, Healing scar tissue

15-22Hz for Muscle strength, Improvement Co-ordination, Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage incontinence.

23-28Hz for Muscle strength, Hormonal stimulation, Neurological stimulation, Increased mobility, Increased bone density, Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, Decreased lower back pain and Improved muscle tone.

A frequency of 12Hz is good for the therapeutic purposes or some light vibration training, but if you are after a good workout, you need a whole body vibration machine that will at least get up to around 25Hz.