Fractures, Bone Pain, Foot or Leg Cramp Treatment

Fractures, bone pain, foot or leg cramp during post menopause can also be referred to as Osteoporosis. Bone strength slowly decreases and causes the skeletal system to become more fragile. Bone density represents about 70 percent of the bone’s strength. When osteoporosis exists, the bone become porous, giving the body a greater chance to have fractures, bone pain, foot or leg cramps.

Post menopause is the final phase of the transition of your body caused by hormone levels changing with your age. Most women over the age of 50 should consider having a test done that measures the density of your bones.

Considering having a bone density test done by a physician is a diagnostic test that will measure the amount of minerals left in your bones allowing the doctor to determine whether or not osteoporosis has set in.

These tests have been debated as to whether or not your physician has enough evidence to administer the proper medication to treat these symptoms. The testing is very valuable because it will give your doctor the proper information to administer hormone, and/or drug treatment.

There is a number of prescription drugs used to treat these symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is one way to treat these symptoms. Replacement hormones consist of synthetic estrogen, and or, progestin. These hormones replace a woman’s depleting hormones allowing the body to be relieved of the symptoms of menopause. These replacement hormones, if taken up to five years after menopause begins can stop the effects of osteoporosis. It is estimated that HRT can give a 50 to 80 percent decrease in vertebral fractures, and a 23 percent decrease in non-vertebral fractures if taken with a five year use. There are side effects to HRT which include bloating, nausea, breast tenderness, vaginal bleeding, fluid retention, weight gain, depression, and a possible increase of migraine headaches.

Herbs have also been used to treat osteoporosis such as Vitex, also known as chaste berry. This herb is known to even out hot flashes, mood swings, and restore vaginal lubrication.

The symptoms of fractures, bone pain, foot or leg cramps are feelings of power surges throughout the body, and can be very uncomfortable.

Along with the hormone/drug treatment, there are also natural ways to fight fractures, bone pain, foot or leg crams during post menopause.

By drinking milk, eating calcium rich foods, such as broccoli, deep green leaf lettuces like kale, and taking calcium supplements. Doctors recommend that you take 1,500 mg., along with magnesium because it will work with your body to help you absorb the calcium better. Foods to avoid during this time are caffeine, including chocolate, alcohol, and spicy foods. You can also increase your diet with foods like soy tofu, and soy products because they are rich in isflavones. By utilizing these mediums you can delay the natural causes of fractures, bone pain, foot or leg cramps, during post menopause because when you lose bone density, you can not get it back.

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