Fourth Chakra Balancing – Symptoms and Benefits


The fourth chakra is located behind the breast bone, at the level of the heart; therefore it is also called the heart chakra. It is represented by the color green, and by the traditional 12-petaled lotus. The heart chakra is the center for everything. It represents the center of love, compassion, and spirituality, and dictates how we feel love for ourselves and how we share love with others. It is also the center point of our entire existence as it represents inner balance and is the deepest chakra in our core. In the chakra system, the fourth chakra is also the center that connects our mind and soul. The lower chakras represent our physical existence while the upper chakras represent our spiritual existence. Being in the middle, the fourth chakra represents the balance between the two.

When the fourth chakra becomes blocked or imbalanced, it results in an overall disruption in the chakra system. An imbalanced fourth chakra, in particular, would often result in the fear of intimacy and love, and one would tend to choose to run away from these emotions. When your 4th chakra is blocked, you may cut all your connections with the world, which can make you very critical and suspicious of everything. As your heart becomes more closed, you also become more isolated from the world. Physical symptoms would include: low blood pressure, asthma, bronchitis, and other lung problems.

Some people have an overly open heart chakra. Some symptoms of an overly open chakra includes: heart disease and high blood pressure. Emotionally, an overly open chakra would cause too much dependency on the love of others that you forget to love yourself. It makes you live at the mercy of other people's love and affection. This also results to jealousy and over-empathizing. When you have an overly open heart chakra, you tend to drown yourself in self-pity.

Keeping the 4th chakra open is essential for our general well-being. Because the heart chakra is the center for self-healing and detoxification, keeping it healthy and open would greatly influence our confidence and our ability to love ourselves. A balanced and open heart chakra would lead to an overall positive outlook in life. It allows you to see the beauty of the world, the beauty of others, and of course, your own beauty. Having an open chakra would also mean that you are quick to forgive and be very tolerant about the ways of others.

In the Hindu texts, the 4th chakra is known by the Sanskrit word "Anaharata", which means unhurt or unstruck. The Sanskrit word represents the mechanism of the fourth chakra. When we get our hearts broken, it causes a deep heart scar in our aura. The fourth chakra releases these scars and as a result, it also releases the pain that caused these scars, but benefit that pain, the heart heals and brings back wholeness and growth.