Four Sexual Dysfunctions That May Affect Any Woman

You may describe your sex life at the moment as terrific, wonderful, or simply the best. Hopefully this will be maintained for as long as possible without any problems. But it would not hurt knowing the sexual dysfunctions that a woman may face, especially that these conditions have been known to affect over half of all women.

These sexual-related problems may fall under any of the four categories:

Loss of Sexual Desire

Perhaps the most common female sexual dysfunction is the loss of desire or the lack of sex drive or lack of libido. While this problem may be experienced by women at all times, in some cases this will surface at certain times only such as during pregnancy or when you are under so much stress. Under normal circumstances, desire may happen naturally or in response to stimulating thoughts or images.

A lack or diminished sexual desire may be due to physical, psychological, or emotional causes that may include existing medical conditions, hormone disorders, relationship problems, alcohol use, depression, and even a past traumatic sexual experience. Treatment of this problem would depend on the cause, which your doctor will recommend after a thorough assessment.

Loss of Sexual Arousal

Loss of arousal should not be confused with loss of desire since you may have the sexual desire but you cannot get to the point of being aroused or the level of arousal cannot be maintained. This arousal stage is one where the sense of sexual pleasure is heightened, bringing with it an increased blood flow to the genitals and other body functions.

Possible causes for this dysfunction may be similar to that of lack of desire but at a different degree. It would be best to get the assistance of the doctor in addressing this problem although minor causes may be worked out by yourself or together with your partner.

Orgasmic Disorder

The prospect of spending time with your partner has fueled your sexual desire and the intimacy has aroused you to the highest level. But yet you cannot reach the point of no return or simply, you are unable to achieve orgasm. If this happens on a regular basis for a considerable period of time, then you may be experiencing the sexual dysfunction of orgasmic disorder. Please not that this should not be considered a problem if you do not need to climax during sex.

For this problem, the usual causes may be psychological or emotional in nature such as relationship problems, lack of knowledge about sex, mood disorders, insufficient stimulation, and past sexual experience. Experts have been performing research to determine if this dysfunction may have a link with certain medical conditions. Undergoing a psychosexual therapy would appear to be the best treatment for this problem.

Painful Sexual Intercourse

Also known as dyspareunia, this dysfunction occurs when you experience pain during sexual contact and on rare occasions, during sexual stimulation. Pain may appear at the slightest contact or it may only be felt during actual penetration.

Causes of dyspareunia may vary from emotional problems, dryness of the vagina as a result of the drop in estrogen, vaginal trauma as result of childbirth, lack of stimulation, or a condition called vaginismus. Treatment of this dysfunction would again depend on the cause, in which your doctor will be in the best position to determine.