Four Effective Strategies for Healthy Weight Loss


Loss of weight is a weighty topic for millions of overweight and obese individuals around the world. There are hundreds of weight loss programs from the fad diets and miracle supplements to exercise and fitness regimens that promise loss of weight quick. Unfortunately, quick weight loss has its demerits including equally fast rebound once the program has been abandoned. It takes hard work to lose weight that many individuals drop out of their respective lose weight programs. Don’t let it happen to you! Just adopt the following four effective strategies for lose weight healthily and you can achieve a lean, mean and fit body in no time.

Be Committed

It requires a lifelong commitment to maintain good health when it comes to permanent weight loss. Don’t be like other individuals who entered a lose weight program for short-term results like being able to wear a bikini in the summer season. Instead, think of the lose weight program as the best way to improve your quality of life by being healthy no matter your age. You can write down your reasons for weight loss and then place it in a prominent area. This way, you will be reminded of the ultimate goals of weight loss until such time that you have taken them to heart and, thus, will not need reminders.

Be Realistic About Goals

Experts recommend setting lose weight goals according to the SMART acronym, namely, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. For example, your exercise goal can be stated as do brisk walking for 30 minutes a day five days in every week for the next three months. For the diet part, it can be eat just one cup equivalent of carbohydrates (pasta and rice) per meal for the next 3 months. Realistic goals also mean healthy goals. Ask your doctor about these goals since factors like age, physical condition and underlying medical conditions must be taken into consideration when establishing weight loss goals.

Be Conscious About Healthy Food Intake

The main objective of healthy dieting for weight loss is to maintain a healthy balance between lower total caloric intake on one hand and sufficient nutrition for the body on the other hand. It will not do to be skinny but malnourished because it’s almost similar to being obese but still malnourished. Instead, you must strive for a healthy diet composed of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, fishes, lean meats and dairy products consumed in moderate quantities. Other principles of healthy eating include six small meals a day, plenty of water and cut back on processed foods.

Be Physically Active

Last, the maintenance of an active lifestyle through exercise is essential for weight loss for many reasons. First, it burns off the calories consumed through the diet. Second, it melts off the stubborn fats in areas like the belly, thighs and arms. Third, it tones the muscles, cleanses the body of toxins, and protects against chronic degenerative diseases, among others. A combination of cardiovascular and strength training exercises is highly recommended for effective weight loss. Even just brisk walking and lifting a few dumbbells will start anybody on the right path. The best foundation of a successful weight loss program still rests on a combination of a healthy diet and exercise program coupled with a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle.