Fort Worth: New Growth, Great Investment


Fort Worth, Texas has a lot of things going for it; a brisk economy, a comparatively low cost of living, a diverse business environment, an outstanding education system, and affordable real estate, all wrapped up in a fantastic temperate climate and an easy going, friendly community feel. Fort Worth continues to be ranked among the top places in the nation to live and do business.

Downtown Fort Worth is alive with new real estate developments due largely to major corporations which supply the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with jobs. Major employers in the area include Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems, American Airlines, Bell Helicopter Textron, Radio Shack Corporation, SABRE and Pier 1 Imports. This job growth is far outpacing the rest of the nation, even with the slowdown in new jobs as compared to last year.

Fort Worth real estate may not have experienced the same price gains in past years as the rest of the nation, but Fort Worth did see modest gains in properties during that same period. Conceivably, it could be this slower, steady growth that protected the Fort Worth housing market from the national adjustment that is currently underway. Fort Worth real estate prices continue to remain steady or show slight gains while the rest of the county’s home prices are continuing to fall.

While most parts of the nation are experiencing a drop in consumer spending, driven in part by homeowners becoming overextended on home loans and other debt, the Fort Worth is still enjoying vigorous consumer spending.

Not only is the Fort Worth area experiencing a growth in new jobs and bringing an influx of new residents, but the commercial sectors remain strong as well. So whether you’re looking to buy a home or set up a retail or industrial property, there is growth in almost every aspect of the Fort Worth real estate market. In fact the Fort Worth is so strong right now compared to the rest of the nation, it is making news in many overseas markets as a prime investment opportunity.

Perhaps one of the most favorable aspects of Fort Worth homes for sale is the relative affordability compared to the median income. The median home price in Fort Worth compared to that in other major metropolitan areas is still very much in line with the median income, making Fort Worth one of the most affordable communities in the country in which to live. Whether you are looking to buy or lease commercial real estate, wish to purchase a home, or are interested in one of the many Fort Worth condos for sale, activity in all areas of the real estate market is active.

This continued upswing in employment and the affordable housing market are combining to set Fort Worth up for an incredible boom over the next decade, not only in population, but in economic growth as well. It is predicted that Fort Worth will experience some of the biggest growth and greatest prosperity in the nation, which makes this a prime time to invest in Fort Worth real estate.