Formula For Fantastic Secret Hypnosis – Binds and Double Binds

Stealth tactics also known as secret hypnosis deals with distracting critical factor or overwhelming it to the point that the suggestion goes in undetected.

Binds and Double Binds is the final stealth tactic that you are going to learn now. This is based on Double Bind Theory of Schizophrenia, propounded by Gregory Bateson, a famous Anthropologist in the 1970's.

Bateson investigated the cause of Schizophrenia in our society and came up with the Double Bind theory of Schizophrenia which concludes that schizophrenia was a way that children developed to cope when presented impossible decision by their parents.

For example, if a parent beats their child and explains it by saying the violence is just a way I show that I love you, the child is presented with an impossible choice that of a desire to be loved versus the desire to avoid violence.

Now the question is how will this schizophrenia helps you in hypnosis. Then the answer is, secret hypnosis, through creation of binds and double binds.

In Binds, you will make your listener feel empowered by the fact that there is a choice and still be acquiring the information or lack of resistance you initially wanted.

In Double bind you will use the word "or" to create the actual double bind. Let me explain it through an example. Suppose you are a jewelry sales person and you say to a customer, 'Would you like your diamond set in gold OR silver?'. This is creating a Double bind where in you are giving your customer an option but you are still implying that the customer will be buying the diamond.

Remember Binds are very common and at times it is not negative to fall into one where as Double bind is an illustration of choice, usually the word 'or' to separate them.

Using Double binds hypnotically, also called as Conscious-Unconscious Double binds where in you will allow some aspects of the subject's behavior to be controlled consciously and others unconsciously. As a hypnotist you will have to work on both conscious and unconscious minds on a regular and consistent basis.

Though no one knows how the human mind works, as a hypnotist you should have an understanding of the conscious and unconscious mind. It can be understood as, Consciousness is the type of awareness you can focus on and responsible for making choices and plans.

Unconscious mind however is responsible for a huge amount of tasks. It holds all our memories, experiences, insights, habits and wisdom that we have built up over the span of our lives.

Hence to become expert in hypnosis you should know how to use Binds and Double binds of secret hypnosis to have a smooth interaction and to insert undetected and agreeable suggestions into the mind of your clients.