Forearm Splints-Stretches and Exercises

Forearm splints-stretches and exercises

Forearm splints are similar to shin splints. They are a slow healing and painful condition in the forearms that occur mostly in gymnasts and weightlifters. Do you have sharp progressive pain in your forearms that is mild in the beginning and becomes severe as the shin progress? Don’t worry, by doing muscle strengthening exercises you can get rid of it quickly.

Pain symptoms of forearm splints are primarily muscular that includes grabbing, aching, weakness and throbbing. You may get some stabbing pain if you strain your forearm muscles.

This condition is caused when tendons in the limb is unable to absorb the shock that the particular body part is undergoing during exercise. During exercise, the muscles exert an enormous amount of pressure on the bones of the limb and the tendons that connect them can tear. Forearm splints occur due to the great amount of stress and pressure involved on the forearms during workouts.

Sudden pressure, shocks and quick jerking movements during exercise may cause the strain involved. Overused and strained tendons are unable to protect the bone and muscle and result in splints.

Taking patient history, physical examination, radiology, measuring the pressure within the compartments, magnetic resonance imaging and high resolution x-ray computed tomography scans may be used as techniques in diagnosis.

Treatments for forearm splints are like the treatments used in other soft tissue injuries. Rest, ice, compression and elevation can be used as treatments. By doing forearm strengthening exercises like weight lifting and rotating your balled fist in a circle in about 25 reps you can get rid of forearm splints for good.