Ford Unveils Bio-Ethanol Powered Focus

The importance of a clean and green environment cannot be overemphasized in today’s modern world. In this regard, Ford, with the stirring desire to save the environment from its premature destruction, has entertained exciting new car concepts that will lead to this end. This desire led to the materialization of the Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV).

Recently, Ford has unveiled the concept of bio-ethanol powered Coupé-Cabriolet Flexible Fuel Vehicle, which boosts both the style and environment preservation cause. Said car was displayed by Ford Motor Company on the blue oval stand during the British International Motor Show.

Based on the research from Imperial College, London, Ford’s 1.8-litre FFV technology in the Coupé-Cabriolet concept, has achieved a true CO 2 emissions figure of 99.6g/km. This datum beats other vehicles that utilize said hybrid technology.

During an interview, Roelant de Waard, chairman and managing director of Ford Britain said, “Ford is Britain’s leading bio-fuel car manufacturer after launching Britain’s first Flexible Fuel Vehicle almost a year ago. Our new FFVs, the Coupé-Cabriolet concept and C-MAX show that every model in the Focus range – Britain’s top-selling car – can run on renewable bio-ethanol.”

“Both Ford as vehicle manufacturer, and Morrisons as bio-ethanol retailer, have invested in the expansion of this new green technology. Now the Government needs to join us and make flexible fuel motoring an even more attractive option for UK customers,” de Waard further said.

Today, Ford Focus parts are especially engineered to cater to the cause of Ford, which is to aid in attaining a clean environment. The Ford Focus LX as an FFV, which can run on bio-ethanol or petrol in any mix in the same tank, a petrol-only model, is valued from £14,045. Ford Motor Company has released the car last year. It was the very first bio-fuel car on sale.

With the latest developments in the automotive industry as well as other industries, it will not be hard to preserve Earth. Indeed, every one deserves clean environment to be fit.