Forceps Birth Injuries

There are many procedures available to doctors who are delivering a child if complications should arise. Much to the fears and stress of the parents, the birthing process is full of problems that endanger both the child and the mother. Tools such as vacuums and forceps can be important to promote a safe birth. However, especially in the case of forceps, an unskilled or careless physician can cause undue injury to the mother’s womb or to the head of the child.

Although the modern medical establishment has drastically improved the birthing process for the mother, reducing mortality because of child birth to a complete rarity, mistakes can still lead to injury. In the case of forceps, the obtrusive nature of the instrument can lead to tissue tears in the womb, as well as serious lacerations around the vaginal area. The female body usually deals with birth appropriately and minimizes damage to itself, but the addition of an outside force can cause substantial injury and pain.

Children can suffer a multitude of complications due to forceps use. If the child’s face is clenched by the tool too tightly, it is possible that the main facial   nerve , which controls motor function in areas such as the lips and eyes, can become  pinched . A severe enough mistake from a physician can lead to permanent disability and facial paralysis.

A cephalohematoma, or bruise on the head, can develop due to the pressure of a forceps or the child’s passage through the womb. Although this problem usually subsides over time, it is possible that this injury can indicate a skull fracture or may further develop into a more serious problem. Subsequent disease can even include meningitis and jaundice.

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