Foot Fungus

Foot fungus affects millions of people. It is caused by an infection that develops under the nail. It usually starts with the big toe and can spread from there to the other toes. If left untreated the nail will harden and then fall off. On the foot the infection can be itchy and irritating. If you are one of the millions who suffer from foot fungus, then this article may offer you some solutions. You may recognize some as things you have tried, while others may be new. There are home remedies as well as over the counter and prescription medicines all designed to fight foot fungus.

Foot fungus and toenail fungus are caused by the same thing. The only difference is what the infection attacks, the skin or the nail. Toenail fungus often appears in people who already have athletes foot, or have had it in the past. Athlete’s foot is just another word for fungus. It gets its name because the locker room where the athletes are is one of the most common places for the infection to be spread. This is why you should always wear something on your feet, shoes or flip flops, when in the locker room. This is especially important in the shower area where it is damp and wet all the time, the perfect breeding ground for fungus. It only takes one infected athlete to give foot or toenail fungus to the whole team.

While it is important to wear shoes in the locker room, those shoes are part of the reason that the fungus spreads to begin with. The warm moist environment inside a sock and shoe is perfect for a fungus to grow. So if you already have the fungus, it is important to keep your socks clean and dry, even if it means changing them throughout the day. Also spend time without shoes to allow your feet to dry out completely.

Tea tree oil is a natural infection fighter that can be used against foot fungus. Use a cotton swab to apply it to the affected nail three times a day. You can also use Listerine to fight the fungus. It is meant to kill germs and bacteria in your mouth and there is no reason why it wont work on your feet. Pour enough in a bowl or pan so that you can soak your feet in it for several minutes at a time. The advantage of the soaking is that it allows the solution to get up under the nail where the fungus is hiding. Apple cider vinegar is another choice for soaking. Try it for fifteen minutes per day.

For any of these remedies, be sure not to stop as soon as the infection seems to have cleared up. You must continue for at least a week or two because the fungus is very good at going dormant and waiting for you to stop treatment so that it can start spreading again. With patience and persistence, you can rid yourself of aggravating foot fungus.