Foot Fungus Treatment – How to Treat Toenail Foot Fungus

If you have discolored or extremely thick toenails, you may be interested in foot fungus treatment. Foot fungus is caused when fungi that are always present on our skin make their way into the pores, cracks, and crevices of our nails. Once they are under the surface of our nails, the fungi multiply and begin to cause problems. Discoloration, ranging from yellow to brown is not uncommon. You may also notice that the area where the fungus is present is tender and sore.

Here are the treatments that you can do at home:

Air those feet out!

Yes, I know, it sounds simple. But when you wear socks and shoes for the most part of everyday, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for fungus to grow and multiply. They like warm, moist places (like almost any bacteria), and your sweaty feet are an ideal environment. Now without you working at an ocean front cabana, chances are that you need to wear socks and shoes (or pantyhose and heels) to work. That being said, air your feet out as much as possible. Change your socks on your lunch break and / or slip your shoes off if you can hide them under a desk. Also, go barefoot as soon as you get home and avoid wearing socks to bed. The more air your feet get, the less the fungus likes them.

Soak your feet in mouthwash

Another great home remedy for a foot fungus treatment is to soak your feet in an antiseptic mouthwash after showering. The ingredients of the mouthwash work to kill the bacteria over time. Be sure to repeat this treatment daily in order to see results. This type of mouthwash can be fairly expensive when you are using a bottle every day, so I recommend that you purchase a generic brand. This works just as well and saves you money.

Use tea tree oil

Massaging a few drops of tea tree oil into the nail bed is also an effective foot fungus treatment. Doing this twice each day will help bring quick results. Make sure that your feet and nails are clean and completely dry before you apply the tea tree oil. You do not want moisture trapped underneath the oil. This can actually make your foot fungus worse.

Cover your feet in vapor rub overnight

Surprisingly, using vapor rub is also a great homeopathic foot fungus treatment. Wash and dry your feet thoroughly and apply a thick coating of vapor rub to your affected feet. Cover with a sock to prevent soiling your sheets and bed coverings. Do this every day and you will notice improvement after a few weeks. Keep your toenails trimmed during treatment to ensure that the medicine actually reaches the fungus in order to eliminate it.

Be sure to continue any foot fungus treatment until all signs of the foot fungus have disappeared. A reduction in symptoms is great, but does not mean that your fungus is cured. Maintain treatment until your nails appear healthy and normal again.