Foot Fungus Treatment – Can it Be Treated Using Vinegar?

Vinegar has been used for foot fungus treatment for quite sometime now. One, because it is a homemade remedy and second because it will do the foot fungus treatment quick and fast if you do it right. The most important thing is to make sure that the vinegar comes in direct contact to the fungus.

Why is vinegar so popular amongst foot fungus treatment methods? Vinegar contains acetic acid which is a strong anti-fungal agent ceasing the growth of the fungus simply by burning it down to nil.

The most important thing in nail treatment vinegar is to make sure that vinegar is successful in penetrating into the nail bed where the fungus feeds itself. For this to happen, one needs to cut the nails short and clean it as much as possible in order to reduce the nails thickness. The yellow leftovers of the nails make the passage for the vinegar all the more airtight and compact.

Foot fungus treatment is not painful as the infection is on the nail, unless of course the infection becomes so severe that it penetrates into the skin. Filing the nail is a good option because this will reduce the thickness of the nail making it easy for the vinegar to reach the fungal infected area.

Nail treatment vinegar is most effective when vinegar comes in touch with the fungus directly. This might sound painful but it isn’t as one can remove the toenail with the clippers and it won’t hurt at all leaving the fungus exposed. Scrape off as much as fungus possible. This makes the treatment all the more effective.

Nail fungus treatment requires the vinegar not to be diluted with water. A completely concentrated solution of vinegar in a bowl which is large enough to submerge the infected part of the toe should suffice the treatment requirement.

Nail fungus treatment vinegar may take its time, normally around 6-8 months but the effect is noticeable, especially in case of foot fungus treatment. The nails start growing back and the fungal infected area of the nail reduces considerable with time as the treatment cycle is repeated.

The above mentioned remedial method is effective but it requires its own time. It’s a slow process but an effective one. There are other products like AHA creams and FungiBan in the market which can give you faster results but will cost you equally as a tradeoff for time.