Foot Drop Due To CP (Cerebral Palsy) – Treatment Options For Walking Better

Do you have CP (cerebral palsy) and suffer from foot drop?

Does someone you know have CP which has caused them to have a foot drop?

1.) Defining the Foot Drop Problem

When someone has drop foot, walking becomes harder. There are different levels of severity, but usually common characteristics of foot drop are slower walking speed, gait deviations to compensate for the foot drop, and a higher likelihood that the individual will fall.

Can this article cure your drop foot? No. However, this article can help you learn about 2 methods of treatment that can seriously help those individuals with drop foot due to CP (cerebral palsy). Walking better is obtainable.

2.) Treatment Options – Walking Better

We are moving away from the use of a cane in this article. Yes, canes can be helpful, but they are something that you have to hold when you walk and it labels a person very quickly as having a disability. There are other ways to address foot drop and we will help you learn about them here.

A.) Leg Braces Known As AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthoses)

These braces can really help people to walk better if they suffer from a foot drop due to cerebral palsy. No, they do not cure a person of drop foot. Yes, they can really help an individual walk better. Proof of this can be seen everyday in a hospital setting. Many individuals in hospitals get AFOs to help them walk better, but many more get them out of a hospital too. The only reason why many people do not know about these braces is that they are hard to see from an outside perspective. Many people were a pair of pants over them and you would never know that they have the brace on at all! The best person to get a brace like this is from your local, licensed orthotist. These individuals are brace specialists and can help you get the best brace for your needs. – You can not buy this type of thing in stores.

B.) A New FDA Approved Device Called The WalkAide

This medical device can help people walk better if they suffer from foot drop due to cerebral palsy as well. With the use of electrical stimulation, the foot can be drawn up to help people walk more fluidly. This is a new device that is getting a lot of attention in the medical field and for good reason. Many people can benefit from the use of a WalkAide if they have foot drop due to CP (cerebral palsy), but not everyone is a candidate. Talk with your local, licensed orthotist for more information.

Note: This is good information, however this is not medical advice. If you are looking for medical advice on these two products, speak to your local, licensed orthotist.