Foot Creams For Your Fungal Infection

Having athlete’s foot can be a very annoying as well as embarrassing problem. It is caused by a fungus infection that has made a breeding ground out of your own foot. The fungus that causes this is known as dermatophyes which lives off on your dead skin cells and multiplying in the dark and damp area which your foot can easily provide. The sweat that accumulates by wearing shoes and socks all the time can make your feet ideal surroundings for this type of fungus to thrive in.

Athlete’s foot can be transmitted by direct contact with an infected person. The fungus can also be acquired by using the shoes or socks of an infected person. Walking barefoot in damp and warm areas such as common shower rooms and lockers can also be a cause of fungus transmission. Poor foot hygiene such as not regularly washing feet with soap and water can help speed up any possible infection.

Symptoms of an athlete’s foot infection include dry and scaly skin from which inflammation and blisters may develop. Itchiness as well as a burning sensation can be experienced brought about by breaking blisters which can expose raw skin that can cause some pain. Treatment for athlete’s foot includes using a variety of topical as well as oral medication used to keep fungal infections like athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot cream also can also be an effective treatment to use for athlete’s foot.

There are a number of athlete’s foot cream choices available for you to choose from. One of the most popular brands that most people use is Lamisil AT Cream. Not only is Lamisil effective in treating athlete’s foot, it can also be used to treat a variety of other fungal infections such as ring worm, tinea versicolor and more. It helps clear the skin fro itching, cracking and burning sensation usually associated with such infections.

There is also another athlete’s foot cream in the market worth checking out. It is Lotrimin Ultra Athlete’s Foot Cream. Lotrimin is effective in curing athlete’s foot especially with those infections right between the toes. It can also help cure other types of fungus infection s such as jock itch and ringworm. Lotrimin can also help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms that athlete’s foot comes with like itching, skin cracking and scaling. There are other effective athlete’s foot creams available in the market for you to choose from. The best cures are those that you think works best for you.