Foods to Lower Cholesterol – How I Lower Total Cholesterol Naturally From 376 Mg/DL to 121 Mg/DL


Foods to lower cholesterol do exist, and I am a living proof that they can do miraculous things to drop your cholesterol numbers from abnormally high level to a fully safe level in comparatively short time. It’s simply a matter of persistence to stick with the right kind of natural diet.

But first, let’s cover the basics. The purpose of your diet should be to reach ideal cholesterol measurement, which means lower your LDL level (bad cholesterol) in your blood to be under 100 mg/dL, and to raise your HDL level (good cholesterol) to be higher than 60 mg/dL. Also, your ratio of HDL compared to LDL should be lower than 4.4:1. After your numbers are within these ranges, you should constantly monitor and control your levels to be within this restrictions as much as possible.

Now that you know the goals, let me tell you about my little story of how I lower my total cholesterol level from 376 to 121 in only 2 months.

Back in 2008, my first ever medical check up result was shown to me by my doctor. The horror hit me when he gave me that serious look and said “this 376 mg/dL total is abnormally high cholesterol reading, you know.. I have to put you on medication right away to make it low in order to reach a healthy level”. He then mumbled something about this medicine called Zocor, and how I should be taking it daily for a month (my dose was 20 mg per day).

Just imagine my shock! I could feel my jaw dropped and hit the floor in disbelieve…

Prior to that moment, I have always felt that I was in perfectly normal health. My physical condition was okay compared to my friends’, and I’ve never had any serious disease.

But then I realized that it was real… I know the Zocor my doctor prescribed me was not the solution. I found out from the medicine’s own website that even on a treatment with a dose 4 times what my doctor was giving me, a drop of 100 points in total cholesterol is very rare. What I needed was a drop of more than 200 points. I just knew that Zocor (or Lipitor, or Lescol, or drugs like them) was not the answer to my problem.

I started to do an extensive research for information on the internet, and soon I find out that cholesterol lowering can be done by eating the right kind of food. I still took the Zocor daily at that time, but then I also started doing all these:

– I stopped eating all kinds of meat, fat and poultry for 2 months straight (these kinds of food causes the heart to produce more bad cholesterol)

– I stopped all kinds of soda drinks and sugary drink (yes, that includes tea and coffee)

– I stopped consuming all kinds of dairy products (milk, butter, cheese, chocolate – sigh..)

– I started eating more vegetables in all my three meals a day

– I added fruit into all my three meals every day

– I eat fish frequently, with every meal when possible (they are good to increase HDL because of Omega-3 oil in them)

– I stopped eating white bread and switch to whole grain bread

– I started taking daily dose of vitamins and supplements daily

– I started eating cereal after each meal

– On the sports side, I started jogging 4 miles weekly on every Saturday

After two months of doing this religiously, I visited the lab again to test my cholesterol level again…

And the result was a big victory for me! My new total cholesterol count was now 121 mg/dL!

I was very excited, knowing that I’ve found the “secret” of lowering cholesterol, and that I can now kiss goodbye to heart disease risk.