Foods To Avoid With Fibroids


There are a number of foods to avoid with fibroids, many of which you are probably already familiar with. With so much nutritional advice around these days, we can usually tell by looking at a food or at least by reading the label if it is something we should be avoiding.

First of all, lets look at alcohol. It is of no nutritional value at all for the body and is particularly bad if you have fibroids. Alcohol is difficult for the liver to metabolize and therefore loads extra strain on this organ. The liver is responsible for metabolizing our hormones and failure to do this properly can lead to a build up of estrogen which is a contributory factor in fibroid formation.

You should also avoid adding salt to your foods either during the cooking process or afterwards. Salt can encourage fluid retention and bloating, both of which can adversely affect your condition.

Sugar is another of the foods to avoid with fibroids. Sugar has no nutritional value and is sometimes referred to as the “sweet poison”. Sugar can cause insulin levels to spike and then rapidly drop, eventually contributing to insulin resistance. Sugar also depletes your supplies of vitamin B which can cause an increase in muscle tension and can contribute to feelings of depression.

You should also avoid saturated and hydrogenated fats. Fat cells can be a secondary production and storage site of estrogen and therefore increase the overall levels within the body. Conventional dairy products are also believed to be foods to avoid with fibroids. Instead you should try milks and dairy produce made with nuts or soya.

Although not exhaustive, this will at least provide you with a starting point. If you are looking to reduce your fibroids, then you might like to consider a holistic system which incorporates extensive dietary modification, detoxification, lifestyle changes and cleansing protocols.