Foods to Avoid With Acid Reflux – Top 8 Acid Reflux Foods to Avoid

Acid reflux usually occurs when the acids from your stomach flow back into esophagus causing discomfort and pain. This discomfort is otherwise known as heartburn. Esophagus is the tube between your stomach and throat. The type of food one takes can result in acid reflux. When you eat too many acidic foods it takes less time for the stomach to process all the acids and so the acids flow back causing a burning feeling in the chest. There are several foods to avoid with acid reflux. A healthy and nutritious diet will help the stomach function in an efficient manner.

Foods to avoid with acid reflux include:

  1. Coffee: The caffeine in coffee tends to secrete gastric acid. This might cause indigestion for people who frequently consume it. So it’s better to avoid coffee.
  2. Alcohol: Alcohol tries to stimulate gastric acid which causes burning sensation in the chest. Try to reduce intake of more alcohol.
  3. Fried and Fatty foods: These foods tend to slow down digestion. They remain in the stomach for longer period of time. Finally the pressure in the stomach gets increased which results in the reflux of contents in the stomach.
  4. Spicy foods: Pepper, Chilli and other food loaded with pepper cause acid reflux.
  5. Carbonated Beverages: It is advisable to consume mineral water rather than going in for carbonated beverages. These beverages would again increase the pressure inside the stomach which promotes reflux.
  6. Citrus Fruits: After consuming citrus fruits like lemon, orange and grapes many of us would have felt difficulty in digestion. Any way this may vary from one person to another. So people can have pineapple, papaya and apple that help in easy digestion.
  7. Drinking Milk: Many people have the habit of having a glass of milk before going to sleep. However this can result in excessive secretion of acid in the stomach if consumed after a heavy meal. So if you feel your stomach is full try to avoid milk in the night.
  8. Meat: As far as meat is concerned meat with less fat for example fresh fish and chicken are considered safe. It is true that there may be a lot of food to avoid with acid reflux, but never feel there are only few items left out to eat. It is always good to consult a doctor to know more on what you can eat.

It is always better to know the foods to avoid with acid reflux. Regular exercise will help you lose weight and maintain a healthier life. There a few things to be kept in mind to get rid of acid reflux.

  • Do not overeat.
  • Focus on having smaller meals that helps in digestion very quickly.
  • Never lie down immediately after having meals.

Apart from the foods to avoid with acid reflux, it is essential to remain active for at least 20-30 minutes after consuming food. If any food repeatedly results in heartburn then it can be avoided completely.