Foods to Avoid For Acid Reflux – Foods That Aggravate Heartburn


Acid reflux is a name of the condition that can give you a burning feeling in your chest behind the breastbone. This condition affects more than 60 million people in just USA. The condition of each patient can be different. Patients with severe heartburn may feel that their heart is “burning up”. This is why this condition is also called “Heartburn”.

This acid reflux condition happens when the stomach acids flow up to the mouth. The main cause behind this could be the foods you consume. Here are some foods to avoid for acid reflux.

Firstly, you should stop eating foods that can give you an extra weight. Fatty and junk foods are extremely dangerous for your body. They are the main triggers for acid reflux. This is because they are hard to be digested. Your stomach has to produce more acids to digest them. So, you can easily improve your condition by just avoiding these foods and have more fibrous foods because they are easily to be digested.

Alcohol, Carbonated drinks and Coffee are basic triggers. These drinks are very common for many people. They are addicted to them. In order to improve your condition, you might reduce them slowly and see the outcome.

Citrus fruits can also increase the acid level in your stomach and aggravate your condition. So, you may try non-citrus fruits such as bananas. Bananas have very good effect on acid reflux because they can significantly improve your digestive system.

Are you chocolate lovers? I have a bad news for you. Chocolate can affect the esophageal sphincter and cause acid in the esophagus.