Food Poisoning While Cruising: What to Do

Cruises are a great way to relax and unwind, but they aren’t without their faults. Not only have people filed personal injury cases against cruise lines due to accidents that happen on board, but there have been various cases of food poisoning aboard cruise ships as well. Just like any restaurant or other food establishment, food that is being served on a cruise ship can make you sick.

If you think that you have contracted food poisoning from food that you ate while on a cruise ship, here’s what you should do.

  • Report the problem immediately. In this case, you want to have as much documentation as possible, so make sure that you tell a staff member about your sickness right away.
  • Visit with a doctor. If you are still on the ship, you will have to visit with the ship’s doctor. However, you may want to visit with your family doctor once you arrive back at your home.
  • Follow doctor’s orders while on the ship and off the ship. If your doctor tells you to stay home and rest, do not go outside and play a game of basketball (or anything else). Why? When it comes to this type of case, the fact that you did not listen to your doctor could be held against you.
  • Find out if anyone else suffered from food poisoning. This is much easier to do while you are on the ship. If you become sick from food that was served onboard, ask around and see if anyone else had the same problem. If at all possible, get the names and contact information of these individuals. Sometimes, it helps to have other people back up your story.
  • Make note of the things that you ate that might have caused your sickness. Write down the time you dined, where you dined, and what you ate.
  • Contact a lawyer that has experience filing personal injury claims against cruise lines.

The Outcome

It’s hard to determine what kind of compensation you will receive if you did contract food poisoning from food while on board a cruise ship. However, if you have missed work due to your illness, you may be compensated for money not received, and perhaps even the cost of the cruise if the situation was bad enough to ruin your vacation. The next best step in this situation is to call a qualified attorney and find out if you have a case.