Food Poisoning Remedy


At some point in every person’s life they will likely come down with some form of food poisoning. The causes of the food poisoning could be any number of things from allergic reactions to undercooked food containing some type of bacteria that spread inside the body. When a person comes down with poisoning people are often confused about the steps that should be taken and often wait it out. This causes unwanted suffering. There are however, some natural remedies for food poisoning.

One of the biggest ways to overcome food poisoning is to take some form of charcoal. Charcoal is a natural remedy in that it neutralizes the poisons inside the body to twice its own weight. Thus a piece of burnt toast can go a long way to helping settle your stomach and end the symptoms more quickly.

Beyond actually trying to neutralize the poison many common foods and herbs can become a remedy for food poisoning. A banana after food poisoning can go a long way in replacing the body with the potassium that has been leeched from the system. To sooth the digestive system that has been recently ravaged, a good mint tea is recommended as the tannin in tea will help neutralize any remaining poison and the mint calms the stomach. A better tea to take early on though may be Echinacea as it has a very strong medicinal effect on food born toxins in the body.

Anyone who has a food ailment will know that you will more than likely succumb to vomiting as a result of the poisoning. This will cause a great deal of the body’s nutrients to be flushed from the system along with the poison. Thus imbibing as much fluid in the form of water or water with electrolytes will help to further flush the system and replenish what has been lost. Then finish all of these remedies listed here off with plenty of sleep. Sleep will allow your body to work out the problems with all of its energy and to rest after having fought against all of the internal problems. Even if you are still feeling cruddy before you sleep, most food poisoning cases will run their course of the duration of a night’s rest or a nap.

With a combination of light, nutrient providing foods, possibly some form of charcoal, as well as plenty of water and rest you will overcome your poisoning without having to medicate yourself or take an unneeded trip to the hospital.