Food Poisoning Compensation

Many people do not realise how easy it is to contract poisoning if they are not careful. Although most restaurants and cafes are very careful in preparing food for their customers, some fail the hygiene test causing their customers to contract the bacteria. Some of the cases of food poisoning can vary from being relatively minor to being quite serious.

Food poisoning usually occurs after we eat or drink something that is infected with bacteria. Bacterial poisoning usually occurs when the food has not been heated, stored, or cooked properly. In addition, it can be caused by bad hygiene on the part of the chefs preparing the food. Failing to do simple things like washing hands or using clean utensils can all contribute towards causing food poisoning.

What are some of the symptoms to look out for?

Many people react differently after contracting poisoning. This is why there is no one way of knowing how soon a person will become ill or how their body will react. Some people notice the symptoms straight away, whilst others take longer to react. The individual’s health history and the seriousness of the food poisoning are also determining factors on how ill the person will become. The most common symptoms, however, of food poisoning usually involve prolonged stomach aches, dehydration, vomiting, and fever. These can usually be cleared up after seeking appropriate medical advice. However, the more serious cases can sometimes lead to death.

Avoiding E-Coli poisoning

E-Coli poisoning is found in the lower intestines of healthy mammals. Once this bacteria is transferred to food it can cause food poisoning if ingested. Washing your hands and cooking food thoroughly is essential in stopping this from happening. It is also important to wash your hands after touching the food so that the bacteria is not transferred to other food through touch.


Salmonella is usually found in meat and poultry, eggs, and unpasteurised milk. It can also be found in untreated water and seafood. Similar to avoiding e-coli poisoning, it is important to heat food thoroughly. This is especially the case with meat. It is also necessary to wash hands thoroughly after handling the food to avoid transferring the bacteria to other food.

It is important you take these steps as once contracted, salmonella food poisoning is particularly hard to get rid of and has the potential of causing serious long-term health problems. The elderly are especially vulnerable as are the ones with a history of health problems.

Am I entitled to make a claim after suffering food poisoning?

If you suspect that your food poisoning was caused as a result of another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim. You may even be entitled to compensation if you contracted food poisoning whilst abroad on a package holiday.

If you wish to make a claim you will need to provide us with supporting documents to help your claim. These can include any medical reports from your GP and relevant receipts from restaurants. Our solicitors will assess your case and help you in your claim.