Food Poisoning and Its Aftermath

If you have never had food poisoning, consider yourself lucky. It is a very common and painful illness. It is usually mild but can be quite severe and even cause death. It occurs up to 48 hours after some contaminated food or drink is ingested into the body and symptoms include stomach pains, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.

If the symptoms get serious it is important to go to the emergency room. Food poisoning causes serious dehydration and can turn fatal if untreated. However, getting through this illness requires discipline even after the illness has passed. The days following a bout of food poisoning are very important in getting you back to your healthy self.

The Next Steps

· Fluids, fluids, fluids! This illness causes serious dehydration and it takes days for your body to recover from this. You will most likely continue to have diarrhea even after the nausea has passed. If you do not replenish your fluids you could end up in the hospital.

· For more severe cases of the illness, where you visited the hospital or a doctor’s office, you were most likely given a diet regime upon your release. Stick to this strictly. It will help you recover as soon as possible.

· Your stomach will be sensitive following your illness. Eating mild foods is a good plan for minimizing the continuation of food poisoning symptoms.

What to Eat After You Have Had Food Poisoning

To cope with the aftermath of a sensitive stomach it is best to stick to mild foods. This should be done for about a week to give your system a chance to recover. Then you can start introducing more variety into your diet. But take it slowly. If you start to feel abdominal pains or nausea go back to a more stomach-friendly diet. Here are some of the foods to stick to for your mild diet:

· Broths, such as chicken or vegetable, can give you some nutrition without assaulting your stomach.

· Unflavored breads, such as plain chip, plan crackers, or dry toast, is a good first step for solid foods.

· Orange juice or lemonade can help get some liquid, vitamins and sugar into your system.

· When you decide to go for more substantial food stick to plain meats, buttered toast, bread with peanut butter, cereal, and similar foods.

For More Information

Food poisoning is an extremely inconvenient, painful illness that can turn deadly. By knowing what steps to take in the case of getting sick you can better protect yourself and your body, and get on the fast track to recovery.