Food Poisoning a Real International Terrorist Threat

In Iraq insurgents used food-poisoning to attack the Iraqi Police and we can be sure that this is one tactic that the International Terrorists will try to use on US Citizens. Why should we be so sure, well because the International Terrorists are so predictable that it should seem rather obvious?

You see, Food Poisoning is a real International Terrorist Threat and they wish to do whatever it takes to kill their enemy and they have in fact labeled us their Infidel Enemy. It is rather interesting for someone to label you an enemy whom you have never met.

Luckily in the United States we have safety measures to prevent food poisoning on a large scale, but that does not mean that International Terrorists could not work their way into the food services division of a University. After all the liberalized, politically correct Universities is an easy place for International Terrorists to hide posing as students.

Where might something like this take place? Well consider the obvious targets such as Michigan, Bay Area CA, Boston, Washington DC, Florida, Las Vegas, Dallas, etc.

In Washington DC there are many institutional food services. There are all the government agencies, hospitals, colleges and non-profits. Hitting a large group of people would be their target to make the most headlines and so we should be thinking here.

Catering Companies, sub-contractors for food services and temporary employment agencies who hire for food services. That would be my guess in addressing this threat. Why authorities do not look at the obvious is beyond me? Perhaps you might tell them to look into this in 2006.