Food Allergy Can Be Fatal

Food allergy symptoms are like patients that feel unpleasant after they ate, also sometimes feels unpleasant when they think to eat food. Some patients get so many allergic reactions to the food. Only three percent children and one percent adults have this allergy. It is proven clinically.

Vomiting, nausea, headache, fatigue are some common allergy symptoms. Anaphylaxis symptom is patient can not breathe normally because respiratory pipes waving, Some common symptoms are swelling of the lips, tongue, face and other part of the body and abdominal pains, eczema, hives, tingling inside the mouth, these symptoms depend on the type food sources you are allergic to.

The allergic people could prevent certain foods because they get idea which food cause to allergy. When patient have no idea, that time it's difficult and may result in increase in the symptoms. Sometimes allergic reactions are mild only with few physical symptoms and are so mild we could not identify these symptoms. Sometimes the symptom becomes life-threatening illness and it could cause death.

Food intolerance is different than food allergy. Food intolerance occurs in various diseases. In this we feel unusual feeling after meals. Food intolerance is widespread condition that occurs due to several mechanisms in the body. However food allergy is negative reaction in the immune system with physical symptoms.

Treatment of food allergy

There are many ways to avoid this allergy and there are different types of tests available to determine this allergy. It is part of treatment you can prevent it by avoiding certain food. However sometimes you can not avoid preventing it because of hidden ingredients present in some foods. It can not avoid especially if you often eat restaurant food.

Adrenaline or epinephrine shot given to the food allergy patients in the emergency. Adrenaline (epinephrine shots) is given by well trained professional only. This treatment is critical for anaphylaxis patients.

Lotions and creams give relief if any skin reactions present and reduce the inflammation. You can determine the source of food which cause food allergy to you. Then you can prevent this type of food to avoid disease and you need to take medicine for rest of life also.