Food Allergies Rotation Diet

Did you know that when you eat a lot of the same food items you could develop a food allergy? More so if you are prone to food allergies in the first place, you can develop it to new ones that have been introduced to your diet. To prevent new food allergies from occurring or to just prevent any more it is important that you try a allergies rotation diet. For those who are chronic sufferers of such allergies they are usually put on a rotation diet that will help them stay away from such allergies, but make it possible to eat. You will find with multiple food allergies the rotation diet allows you to have a system that is easy to stick with. You will be able to avoid potentially dangerous situations if you stick with the recommended rotation diet.

This diet has a person with multiple food allergies eat on an every four day basis. In other words on Monday you had chicken, rice, and milk. These eatables are okay as you have been tested and found clean for allergies related to these foods. However for the next four days you are not allowed to have any chicken, milk, or rice in a meal. Even if you just supplement one item from the menu you are still risking a food allergy to some type. Most individuals who develop such allergies are told to just eliminate those from their diet. What they should be told is that the rotation diet is the best way to start eating properly. For someone prone to food allergies they can develop more problems to food and experience a lot more pain. In fact what could happen is the individual after four years of eliminating certain eatables from their diet and only eating what is left can have a new allergy or allergies, which means they are back to finding something else they can eat.

You will also find in the same vain that if you stop eating a particular item on a regular basis you may be able to go back to eating that after a considerable time. When you rotate your diet you are masking the antibodies your body has a problem with. This means that you have less chance of being affected by it. For those that have a mild or borderline allergy it can be important to start on this type of diet.