Folliculitis Cure – Got a Red Itchy Rash From Folliculitis? Here’s How to Cure the Infection

Folliculitis is a common but little-known condition which many people suffer from around the world. This problem is generally seen where people shave (neck and bikini line) and is cured by using a series of herbal remedies to get rid of the infection. Here’s what you need to do.

Folliculitis is basically a condition where bacteria and fungal deposits grow inside the hair follicles of your skin. These then grow so much that they irritate the follicles, causing a red rash and intense itching. Shaving normally makes the condition almost unbearable, and is a problem which many people are facing throughout the World.

Fortunately, there’s a way to cure this – where you just have to use some sort of antiseptic solution to kill the bacteria inside your hair follicles. Currently, there are no dedicated creams, gels or ointments which do this as folliculitis is a relatively neglected condition. However, there are some remedies which work very well and you can make at home.

To fix this condition (and stop the itching, red rash and bumps for good), you can use a series of anti-bacterial remedies to stop the bacteria or fungus. One of the most effective ways of dealing with this problem is to use anti-bacterial soap on a washcloth. You should rub the soap onto a washcloth and then douse the two with some very hot water (the water should be hot enough so that it stings your skin – as hot as you can bare).

You then need to apply the soapy washcloth to your affected skin for about 5 seconds. You should feel a stinging sensation and it may appear red after you applied it – but the hotter the water, the more chance you’ll have of killing the germs. Obviously don’t do it if it hurts you, but what I’m trying to say that is to get the most benefits from it, you should try and use as hotter water as you can handle. You should apply this remedy to the infected skin twice a day for about a week and then look at the progress.

If you don’t see any progress, there are a series of other remedies you can try as well. I had this condition for about 3 years until I finally decided to find a solution myself. I have created a website which shows the best ways to cure folliculitis and you could start there to cure your condition.