Folic Acid Okay to Take Daily Only If You Have Certain Specific Symptoms

If you feel healthy keep going with your regular diet and work out. Do not disturb anything with regard to your nutrition. Believe me, there is no one water tight table that can prescribe the required nutrition for any of us. Each of our body is different and may require different input of nutrition. Generally this is obtained from our regular normal food that will have fruits, vegetables, meat, pulses, lentils, oil etc. However different nutrition deficiency leads to different symptoms. In this context if you ask me folic acid okay to take daily my answer will be affirmative if you have certain symptoms.

Folate is a water soluble vitamin B complex. It is naturally available in many citrus fruits and vegetables. It is also rich in pig liver. Folic acid is obtained by bio synthesis of folate.

If you are anemic it is sure the sign of folate deficiency. Apart from this if you have repeated diarrhea, loss of appetite, sore tongue, weakness, heart palpitation, weight loss, forgetfulness, behaviour disorders etc., you should consult the physician and most likely it is the deficiency of folate. I am particular to ask you to consult the physician because there is a belief that folic acid can set right the illness due to vitamin B. It is not so in all the cases. There are cases in which only vitamin B is important along with folic acid and folate alone can not resolve the problems.

I will say folic acid okay to take daily in the case of child bearing women. The first 28 days of pregnancy period is very important because in that period only the child's brain and spine are developed and folate is important for such development. Also 3 months after conception folic acid is required to be taken. Generally 600 mcg per day is required for a pregnant woman.

Since it is very difficult for many women to plan their pregnancy and also periphery pregnancy period is difficult to determine it is safe for any child bearing woman to take folate on a daily basis at 400 mcg per day. If you take only fruits and vegetables like oranges, papaya, strawberry, broccoli, spinach etc., they alone are not sufficient. Each of these natural foods have different amount of folate in them. While it is good to take them on daily basis it is important to supplement the same with natural nutrition supplement.

The problem with natural nutrition supplement is the genuine availability of products. Also many of them are expensive not offering the required nutrition. If you are able to get the right product having all the nutrition including folate from natural sources you will be lucky. I am lucky in the sense that I found a fantastic natural nutrition supplement that has more than 70 natural herbs and salts including folate. It comes with enteric coated format. There is a separate edition for women giving particular attention to pregnancy. It comes with enteric coated format. Visit my website and I am sure you will know the answer whether folic acid okay to take daily.