Folding Wheelchairs: Scope And Limitations

A folding wheelchair is normally called by its name because of its folding nature. And because it can be folded, so it can be easily transported from one place to another while traveling. This kind of wheelchair is actually a manual type. It could be available in light weight or a heavy duty one. However, this folding wheelchair is movable, so it has many parts which heavier for moving functionality.

This kind of wheelchair is really good for those persons who want to save space in his vehicle or in some places. Since, this could be easily folded, and then you can easily place it anywhere in your car. So, this is very ideal for you to use.

While using this folding wheelchair on rough roads, you shouldn’t be worried too. This is more stable compare to rigid ones. It has four wheels which are trying to adjust and match the surface thus your ride will not be affected. However, on hard surfaces, you may find hard using this folding wheelchair.

Another important thing that you should take note and consider, is that this kind of wheelchair is also prone to breakage because of its movable parts and adjustable parts. Therefore, you need to check and repair it many times in a week. This is to ensure only, that nothing is wrong in its parts. So, you need to take this one in order to take care yourself too. Sometimes, you need to exert much effort to turn it around, therefore, check it again to make sure that its parts are easily maneuvered.

Moreover, since this folding wheelchair is heavier compare to rigid ones, you cannot use it for sports activities. So, if you are a sport lover and you want to play, then you need another kind of wheelchair. This has heavy parts and thick parts which will cause you not to move very quick and fast.

Therefore, if you are young and very active, better not to use it because it is prone to breakage due to its folding nature. Actually, it is better if you have your assistance to help you push or move this kind of wheelchair. In this way, you can be sure that there will be no breakage at all.

Folding wheelchair has both advantages and disadvantages. But this is designed for those persons who are in need of a wheelchair which will be transported easily. It is also good for those disabled persons who are suffering from their disabilities. It is helpful in some ways. So, knowing what you need in a wheelchair is a helpful way for you to know if you need this or not.