Focused Ultrasound Surgery

 Illness is something which we all don’t want to face in our lives. Sometimes illness are so severe that patient has go through painful process of surgery. It is always risky to go through a surgery and the patient has to suffer lot of mental turmoil. During any kind of surgery there is a risk of harm that could occur to any other parts of a body. Technology these days has facilitated doctors to conduct surgeries in a convenient manner and patient also doesn’t have to suffer any pain. Focused ultrasound surgery is one such medical method in which with the help of advanced technology diseases could be cured. It is clinically approved for curing serious ailments like uterine fibroids and bone cancer. This kind of surgery is expected to be applied for brain and breast cancer, but presently it is under clinical trials. It is also debated if focused ultrasound surgery can be used for diseases like prostate cancer, epilepsy, cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Focused ultrasound surgery has some advantages likes:

–          It is a one form of noninvasive surgery

–          There is no possibility of harm to other parts of the body.

–          It destroys tumors with great precision

–          It is useful to dissolve blood clots and help blood flow through blocked vessels

How does it work?

You must have tried to burn a paper in childhood by focusing sun rays through magnetic lens on the paper. This is what happens in focused ultrasound surgery. This type of surgery is based on the principle of energy transformation, wherein high intensity ultrasound is focused on a single part of the body that has to be dissolved. When such high intensity energy is transferred to a single point, temperature significantly increases. The phenomenon is also called thermal ablation. UItrasound has this impeccable property to travel through water and soft tissues in the body. Due to the intense heat created due to ultrasound a powerful mechanical force gets created which liquefies the target tissue, which in medical terms is called histotripsy. Physicians with the help of ultrasound try to produce enough heat and vibration in the minutest part of the body that has to be treated. It is possible to pinpoint even a tumor of the size 1mm deep inside the body without causing any harm to the adjacent parts. The destroyed tissue gets absorbed by the body.

As of now, no such serious side effects are known for this surgery. However, passing ultrasound through body could have its own inevitable disadvantages. But, on a large scale patients do get benefited which and through a painless process can cure their life threatening diseases.