Fly-Agaric Mushrooms – Uncover the Healing Properties of Them


Fly-agaric mushrooms are poisonous; therefore you should use them with caution. I would advise you to get used to the mushrooms gradually. The dose and treatment course involving fly-agarics might be individual depending upon the peculiarities of each organism. Consequently, you should listen to yourself. However, before performing any healing procedure you should talk to a doctor.

Greater celandine or fly-agarics extracts in a vodka solution have been used as great remedies to treat tumor, myoma and mastopathy since ancient times. However, you should use these remedies with caution due to the fact that they are poisonous.

  1. Collect caps of fly-agarics and clean them, but do not wash. Reduce them to small pieces and put in a bottle. Pour vodka over them to cover mushrooms completely and cover it up. Earth the bottle for 12 days. The tincture is intended for both external and internal use. Rub the affected areas with the tincture or take few drops it per day.
  2. Collect caps of new fly-agarics, and dry them in a windy and shady place. Infuse 5-6 caps with 0.7 liters of vodka and leave the tincture to brew for a month in a dark place at a room temperature. Take a teaspoon of the tincture twice a day – in the morning and evening till the bottle is empty. At the very beginning of the treatment course you should take only few drops of the tincture by increasing the amount you intake gradually. You should perform the procedure once a year.
  3. Mix equal quantities of fly-agarics juice and vodka to get the tincture. Take a drop of the tincture twice a day – in the morning and evening on the first day. On the second day you should take 2 drops of the tincture twice a day – in the morning and evening. On the third day repeat the procedure, but increase the amount of the tincture you intake to 3 drops. Continue increasing the amount of the tincture you consume till the moment 25 drops are taken. Then you should reduce the amount of consumed tincture in the same sequence. Perform the course of treatment 2-3 times a year. Mix the tincture with water and use for compresses.
  4. Infuse 3-4 fly-agarics with 2-3 liters of boiling water. Leave the mix till it becomes cold. Use it for compresses or wash the bad areas with it when dealing with gout.

When performing any procedure involving fly-agarics, you should wear rubber gloves. Afterwards, remember to wash your hands thoroughly. If you wish to preserve fly-agarics juice, you should observe the following proportion – 500 grams of juice and 200 grams of vodka.