Flowers – Sweet and Fragrant Sinus Home Remedy

I was walking through the market today and stumbled upon a peddler selling dried flowers and teaching you passionately how to make a flavorful flower drink to heal you from all types of illnesses and allergies. He was selling such a wide range that I spent almost an hour talking to him and sipping the flower drinks which he has prepared for us to sample. The 'spectators' were also given a list of all types of flowers which we can use to prepare for ourselves a healthy flower drink to heal ourselves.

Roselle – soothing, cure for heart disease, dry cough and tonsillitis

Forget Me Not – good complexion, improve kidney function and boosting the immune system

Marigold – improve liver function, hemorrhoids, insomnia

Lily – Regulate our lung and excretory system, relieving cough

Osmanthus- relieving cough and loosing phlegm, strengnts lungs

I bought osmanthus, lily and stevia rebaudiana (this is a natural sweetener) for my son who is suffering from sinus. He told me to steep in hot water for about 5 minutes, strain and drink. I tried the drink myself and the taste is so refreshing, flavorful of the flowers and pleasantly sweet and it leaves a tingling and soothing effect on your throat. My son who is 8 years old loved the drink so much that he asked me to make a jug so that he can drink it anytime.

Using flowers is one type of herbal treatment, a most natural sinus home remedy which you can drink anytime to cure your sinus infection. There are thousands of plants and flowers which you can choose from and your sinus home remedy may contain a dozen flowers or plants and they may work within a few days but you should see some improvement in your sinus infection after a few weeks. Herbal treatment can be used to treat any allergy particularly respiratory infections like a sinus infection.

You can try the above concoction of flowers which I used as your sinus home remedy to cure your sinus infection because it really works great with my son. You can also try this potent blend of 3 plant extracts – cinnamon, thyme and cloves – you can learn more on how to use it from