Flowers For the Allergic

It is true. Some people have allergies to flowers and can not be around them at all for any length of time without sneezing and feeling ill. Their affect can be so profound that some very allergic people will choose not to attend events and parties where they know there will be flowers of any kind to avoid the risk of becoming ill. There is no cure for flower allergies other than antihistamines and avoidance. But, your florist can help you come up with some ideas for these tough-to-shop-for customers and you will still be able to make their day brighter with flowers without making them ill.

While it may seem impossible, there are several flower gifts that will make life easier for those who receive them but suffer from allergies. While there are no hypoallergenic flowers, there are many that make great choices for those with mild allergies. Because pollen is a big culprit for triggering allergies, you will want to avoid flowers laden with pollen. This means you will want to avoid very fragrant flowers whose sent usually comes from the pollen within them.

Some great flower choices for people with allergies include:

– Roses – Hybrid versions of tea roses in a closed-bud stage can be both dramatic and allergy-free. They will not shed any pollen. Spray roses are always allergy-free and area great alternative to long-stemmed roses, which are not good for those with allergies.

– Daisies – If you choose daisies, be sure they are pollen free. There are many varieties of dahlias and chrysanthemums that make great “daisy” choices that have no pollen and will not trigger allergies. You will need to make sure of this however, because more common daisies generally have pollen.

– Potted flowers. Hydrangeas and begonias are two great choices for allergy-free floral decoration.

– Lilies. Almost all types of lilies come in pollen-free versions these days. And, to make them allergy free, you can remove the flowers’ anthers so pollen can not be produced.

– Orchids. Very few orchids cause allergic reactions, especially potted varieties.

– Baby’s Breath – This filler flower is a lovely touch. Be sure to choose only the double-flowered varieties of these plants. The single-flowered varieties will cause a reaction.

While no flowers are completely hypo-allergenic, the floral industry has been making strides toward flowers with fewer allergy triggers than ever before. You will want to check with your florist for more information if you have someone in your life with flower allergies. And, if their allergies are so intense they can receive no flowers, consider a lovely putted plant or blooming cactus as a healthier alternative.