Flatulence Treatment – Most Effective Excessive Gas Remedies

Frequent urge to expel gas is known as flatulence. It is also called farting. The expelled gas may be odorless and soundless, but in some chronic cases, expelled gas may be noisy and may stink. Flatulence is a digestive system ailment and it can be treated effectively with the help of flatulence remedies.

Indigestion is considered to be most common cause for flatulence. The food we eat is digested by stomach, but when stomach fails to digest food completely, the food enters in the intestine undigested. Then intestine digest the food with the help of certain bacteria. The byproduct of bacteria while digesting food is in the form of gas. This intestinal gas is released by our body and thus flatulence awakes.

The major cause for flatulence may be Aerophagia. It is a condition in which a person habitually swallows air while eating, drinking and breathing. The other major cause for flatulence is constipation. In constipation condition the stools do not defecate properly and produce certain gases. Also consumption of high-fiber diet and consumption of excess malt extract are some of the prime causes for flatulence. Others include irregular bowel movements or irritable bowel movements, faulty eating habits and sedentary lifestyle may also lead to flatulence condition.

There are symptoms that may help to diagnose the flatulence condition. A person may feel too much gas in the intestine or rectum, in flatulence condition. The expulsion of gas more than 14 times in a day may be due to excess intake of carbohydrates. Bloating is another symptom of flatulence condition. Others include abdominal pain and excessive belching may also be the symptoms of flatulence. Particularly, belching after meals is a natural way to expel gas when stomach is completely full of food, but excessive belching is a symptom of formation of excessive gas. If symptoms of flatulence persist for more than 15 days, medical supervision is recommended for further diagnosis of the problem. However, there are some flatulence remedies that are very effective in decreasing the formation of excessive gas.

1. This is one of the simplest and most effective remedy for flatulence treatment. Take half teaspoon of dried ginger powder and add a pinch of asafetida with it. Also add rock salt to taste. Add this mixture in one glass of lukewarm water. Mix thoroughly and drink it for reducing the formation of excessive gas.

2. Soak fresh ginger slice in 3 drops of lime juice. Have it after meals. This is a very effective remedy for any disorder of digestive system including flatulence.

3. Dill oil is very useful in flatulence remedies. Also it is very useful to maintain good digestive health. After having meals, have one drop of dill oil with one teaspoon of raw honey.

4. Take one teaspoon of black pepper, one teaspoon of dried ginger and one teaspoon of cardamom seeds; grind all of them together in the form of fine powder. Have half teaspoon of this mixture with or without water. Take this mixture 1 hour after having meals.

In conclusion, the above mentioned flatulence remedies are very effective when paired with some lifestyle changes. Always avoid sedentary lifestyle. Exercise is very important for body and also for brain. It helps the nerves and organs to work properly and efficiently. Avoid sleeping right after having meal. Also develop a habit of walking small distances after having dinner. In addition, habit of morning walk will help digestive system to work properly.