Fix For Path/File Access Error

Path/File access error normally occurs when you are installing some software on you PC. This error occurs at the time when program setup tries to create a disk image of the program. Here are given certain steps to fix these errors:

· Corrupted compressed files

· Registry entry of the setup is corrupted

· Memory Issues

· Not enough space in the drive selected for installation

· Bad sectors on the disk

Corrupted Compressed Files

If the compressed file which contains the setup of program is corrupted it may result in Path/File access error. You need to remove that corrupted compressed file from your system and download it again.

Registry Entry of the Setup is Corrupted

Corrupted registry entry of the setup can also be a reason of Path/File access error. Incorrect information about the program in Windows registry may lead to this issue. To quickly solve this problem install a Registry Cleaner program and scan your system for errors.

Memory Issues

Several problems in RAM may cause Path/File access error. In order to solve the problem run a Memory Diagnostic test to solve the issue. Follow the steps to run it:

1. Press Start button on the Taskbar

2. In search bar type Windows Memory Diagnostics and hit Enter

3. Select the options

4. Restart your PC to check the problems

Bad Sectors on Disk

Bad sectors in hard disk create different kind of problems and Path/File access error is one of them. You can run a Check Disk and repair the corrupted files. Follow the steps below to run it:

1. Open My Computer

2. Select the drive which you wish to scan

3. Right-click and go to drive properties

4. Click on Tools tab

5. Press Check Now

6. Select the options and press Start to proceed

Not Enough Space in Drive:

Path/File access error may also appear if you are trying to install a program on drive which is running short of space. This can be fixed by removing some data from the drive and try installing the program again or you can run disk cleanup to delete unnecessary files.

Follow the steps below:

1. Click on Start

2. Go to Programs, Accessories, System Tools

3. Open Disk Cleanup

4. Select the drive which you want to scan

5. Click OK button

6. Follow the instructions

Path/File access error often occurs due to corrupted registry and the best way to repair Windows registry is to install Registry Cleaner.