Five Things You Can Expect From Your Local Urgent Medical Care Facility


We’ve all been there. You’re looking forward to an eventful, fun-filled weekend, yet Saturday morning greets you with a sinus infection. What to do now? Here are five great reasons to head to your local urgent care facility for quick and reliable attention to your illness or minor injury.

1. Quick Wait Times

Urgent care clinics pride themselves on offering some of the shortest wait times around. When you’re sick, you don’t want to have to wait around to get medical attention. At quick medical care centers, most doctors often see patients within 20 minutes. This means that your visit is shorter, giving you more time to spend the day how you wish.

2. Basic Preventative Medicine

Doctors at local centers can provide general health readings for cholesterol and blood pressure. They also offer flu shots and do basic health checkups. These physicians also do routine blood work and x-rays.

3. Prescription Medication

If you need a basic prescription, your local urgent care provider can write one for you. You may even find that it’s less of a hassle to get a quick prescription through the clinic than it is to go through a doctor at a private office. Clinic employees often fill prescriptions for antibiotics, antivirals, and medicine for short-term treatment. Need regular refills of medication? Some clinics can help refill longstanding prescriptions when a visit to your primary care physician isn’t possible.

4. Insurance Options

Urgent clinics often accept a variety of insurance plans. It’s important to keep in mind that the business often expects a co-pay up front immediately following the visit. Sometimes, the bill can be costly due to the location’s overhead. Still, the price out of pocket can be roughly the same if your insurance company offers you a low co-pay.

5. Supreme Convenience

Finally, it’s important to consider just how convenient urgent care centers are. Many cities have multiple locations, so there’s always an office near your home or work. When you unexpectedly wake up with a cold that won’t quit or accidentally injure yourself, there’s no better place to go.

If you are experiencing a major emergency, such as difficulty breathing, seizures, poisoning, or another serious ailment, the urgent medical care center should be bypassed in favor of emergency medical services. Although the quick clinic is the most convenient option, it is not equipped to deal with serious or life-threatening situations. Please head to the nearest hospital or ER in those situations.

The next time you need the cure for what ails you, visit the local clinic and experience convenient and reliable service. Save yourself the hassle and cost of the emergency room when you have a non-critical issue and make an appointment at the local urgent medical care center.