Five Factors to Consider in Naming Your Baby


Naming your baby is seriously not a simple job. Coming up with the right name is time consuming, confusing and at the same time fun. There a lot of different ideas and reasons to consider. You should never get this wrong because an identifier could certainly last a lifetime and choosing the wrong name for your child can sometimes make your child’s entire life a misery. So, what should you consider when identifying your child? There are five factors that you should consider when deciding on the perfect name for your child.

1. Choosing original names. You may generate a unique reference on your own but be sure it will not sound too out of this world as this could make the child wonder when he or she grows up on the reason why you gave that certain name. This is actually a growing trend of today because everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and be unique as they can be.

2. Choosing a popular name. When you decide on identifying your child with a popular name then odds are when they grow up they would be having the same name with two or three of their classmates. This would sometimes make them feel ordinary. Since the name is popular and not at all distinctive, there is sometimes a need to use the family name in order to be distinguished from a group.

3. Choosing a meaningful refers. You may pick names from grandparents and great grandparents as these could provide meaning on the child’s heritage. Or you may also go for biblical names, if your family is religious.

4. Choosing nicknames. The name must have a good sounding nickname that can be generated out of it. It is best to choose a name that will be easy to pronounce and those that will not resemble any funny words that might be turn out to be an embarrassing nickname.

5. Thinking ahead. Using a one of a kind name is recommended but it must be done cautiously. You must think about your child’s future as a name really lasts a lifetime. Many children are picked upon because their parents gave them a strange sounding and embarrassing name. Spelling and pronunciations must also be considered as they could really affect the given name.

Now, you are ready to start thinking on what would be the best name to give your child. You may ask advices from friends and other family members or you may browse the internet for name suggestions that may be perfect for your child.