Five Effective Self Defense Tips For the Disabled

When you have a disability like you are deaf, mute, blind or on a wheelchair, your activities are somehow limited. You can not engage on sports which would involve pushing harder beyond the limits of your physical capacities. Because of this limitation, most of the disabled are vulnerable to attacks. The attackers believe that you are weak and that you can not defend yourself. You are an easy prey to the predators that are lurking out there. However, this might be their perspective to persons with disability but you can prove to them and yourself that you can defend yourself anytime and anywhere. Here are some helpful self defense tips.

Learning martial arts is the first self defense tip that you might want to consider. It would require a lot of effort and patience in learning the different techniques because the disability will hinder faster learning. Usually, lessons are focused on determining pressure points or specific areas that would eventually reduce the attacker if hit. Basic knowledge and skills on martial arts can already help you defend yourself but this would really require your commitment and desire to protect yourself so that you will really be determined to spare your time in joining classes. However, if you think that you can not do this, you can still have other options.

The pepper spray can also be a reliable tool for your protection. The components of the spray when directed to an attacker can cause pain in the eyes, difficulty in breathing and of course a halt in the plans of the attacker for inflating harm. It can just be placed in your pocket where you can easily grab it once in a situation like this. Whenever someone tries to harm you, never worry because you have a pepper spray in hand.

Another very effective self defense device is the stun gun. The stun gun works by delivering the volts of electricity based on the capacity of the different kinds of this product. The main aim of this stunning device is to immobilize a person and give you the chance to make an escape and call for help from other people. The attacker when hit with a stun gun will feel weakness, pain on the area stunned, temporary immobilization and slight confusion.

Moreover, if you would want something more powerful a TASER can be a good choice. It works just like the stun gun, it temporarily incapacitates the attacker. It just has certain features that make it even better. If you are on a wheelchair, you do not have to worry that your attacker will approach you because at a distance you can just push the switch of your TASER and two probes which will be released which can reach even at a 15 feet distance. You can also have a good aim by following the red button or see through low lighted areas with the help of the light.

Moreover if you have not learned any martial arts or no devices mentioned above in hand, you can always use your initiative. Use the things that are available to you. For example if you have a cane because you can not support yourself then use it to hit your attacker in the areas where you will have a sure win. Use your mind and sharpen your thoughts on what you can do to defend yourself.

These 5 tips are certainly very effective especially when talking about protection for the disabled. Increase your confidence by learning these tips and using the devices mentioned so that despite the inability you can teach the bad guys that you are not to be messed with.