Five Easy Ways to Get Rid of a Cold Sore

It can be both painful and embarrassing to have a core sore. Unfortunately, once you catch the herpes simplex virus that causes it, there is no way to completely remove it from your system. It is however possible to deal with the sore itself and prevent its spread and further outbreaks.

Take Medication

People with severe cold sores may have little choice but to seek medical attention. If you have a particularly aggressive sore, your doctor will prescribe anti-viral medication to control it. Some analgesics or pain relievers may also be recommended to help you bear the irritation of a severe sore. Some individuals though may have issues about taking man-made medication and prefer to consider natural options instead.

Use Natural Remedies and Supplements

Natural remedies are often an option if a sore is not so bad. Some of the recommended natural solutions are lemon balm, tea tree oil, aloe vera and coconut oil. Some studies have revealed that these natural herbs and extracts have anti viral properties. Their nutrient content can also help soothe and nourish the infected portion of the skin for faster healing.

The issue with natural solutions though is that there are many different ways of using them. In other words, there is no standard guide that will indicate the amount and schedule for application. This is why it may take some time before you are able to find a natural remedy that will work well for you.

Maintain a Healthy Diet Everyday

A poor immune system is one of the reasons for the core sore virus to awaken and persist. You therefore have to find ways and means to ensure that your body can fight against this infection before it gets too out of hand. One of the best natural ways to do that is to keep a healthy diet that is rich in essential nutrients. In other words, your diet should have portions of vegetables, lean meat and complex carbohydrates. Do remember though that there are some foods that you may have to avoid. Foods that are salty or acidic may make your problem worse.

Keep Your Sore Clean and Dry

Cold sores heal faster if they are kept clean and dry. You can clean your sore by using a warm damp washcloth and soap. After cleaning your sore, pat it dry. Aside from touching it with a washcloth however, cold sores must not be pricked or rubbed. Doing so may make the sores worse and may even spread the infection to other areas of the face.

Don’t Let it Get Triggered

You should do more than watch over your food choices. Cold sores can also be triggered by stress. If you already have a sore and you are under a lot of stress, it may take some time for your sore to heal. If you want it to disappear quickly, you should make sure that you are able to manage the stressful factors in your professional and personal life. You may simply need a long good night’s sleep or a few days off from your daily responsibilities.

A core sore can be pretty nasty. There is no need for you to endure for very long though. There is always a way for you to get rid of your cold sore.