Fishing and Sunglasses


For many years I did not understand the roll that sunglasses played in fishing. I thought that they were simply some sort of fashion statement or something and had little to due with the actual act of fishing. Although it's true that sunglasses do not turn the reel or bait the hook, in many aspects your sunglasses are just as important as your bait. Especially if you like to catch fish as I do, while standing in the middle of a flowing river.

A good pair of polarized sunglasses cuts through the glare created by the sun, which enables the angler to see under the water. That's right, with a good pair of glasses you can actually see into the water. How does this work to the anglers' advantage? In two ways. Number one it allows the angler to see underwater structure such as rocks and logs. And secondly, it actually allows the angler to see some of the fish that are trying to be caught. As you can imagine both aspects have wonderful advantages to the angler.

The integral part to this entire article is the word "good". I'm referring to a good pair of polarized sun glasses, which means a quality pair of glasses, which in turn means that they cost a little bit of money. Spending your money on a cheap pair of glasses is like spending your money on cheap hat. Sure it will fit on your head, but it will not look good, last very long, or work properly! The cost of good polarized sun glasses used to scare me too, and then I learned something. 10 years ago, I spent $ 100 on a good pair of polarized sun glasses. Spending that $ 100 was a tough pill to swallow, but do you know what? I still have those glasses and they work great. If the cost of those glasses is amortized, it comes out to ten bucks a year. Those glasses actually cost me less than any cheap pair of glasses that I've ever wasted my money on!

Bottom line is The That by sun glasses and fishing go The hand in hand. Especially if you like fishing in the moving water that rivers provide. The cost of a good pair of glasses may seem like a lot, but you have to remember how the cost is relative compared to the amount of time you will own them and the positive effect that they will have on your fishing.