Fish Oil For Triglycerides – What's the Truth?

Have you read about this recently? Various studies have shown that taking fish oil protects us from many diseases and keeps our health in good shape. In fact, it is good to take fish oil for triglycerides too. Let's see now what are triglycerides exactly and how does the oil help with it.

Triglycerides are fats closely associated with cholesterol and can cause serious heart problems. According to a study done by the University of Munster, high levels of triglycerides can increase the risk of a heart attack or even sudden cardiac death. Taking fish oil for triglycerides has been known to significantly lower the levels of the fat in our blood. This in turn protects us from the heart problems it can otherwise cause.

Fish oil also helps by lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) and increasing HDL (good cholesterol) levels in our blood. Another beneficial effect of the oil is that it prevails the blood platelets from clotting, which can block the arms and is another cause of heart attacks. In a nutshell, by taking fish oil triglycerides will go down, cholesterol levels will be optimized, and the heart will be safe from any problems.

Now, not just any oil will do if you want to get all these benefits. You want to take oil from cold water fish like Salmon or Mackerel which are rich in Omega 3 oils. In fact, the best source for this is the Hoki fish from New Zealand. Hoki contains a lot of DHA Omega 3 – the best kind of Omega 3, and EPA too.

Traditionally EPA has been considered to be the best Omega 3 to have. Latest research has shown however, it is DHA that provides most of the health benefits of fish oil. So we need to focus on DHA in our oil. Secondly, our body can convert DHA into EPA by a simple process if required. But the reverse is not possible. So we are left to look on external sources only to provide us with the DHA we need.

Also check if the oil has been molecularly distilled. This process involves separating the oil from the contaminants in a vacuum. The vacuum enables to do this at quite lower temperatures than the boiling point of the oil, and avoids oxidation of the oil. The result is highly pure and concentrated fish oil that you can take safely without any risk.

To sum it up, it's highly recommended you take fish oil for triglycerides and all the other great benefits it provides us. Find out a good DHA-rich oil and keep your heart safe.