First Aid Homeopathy – Minor Bruises

Bruising is most likely to occur as part and parcel of a fall or minor mishap, such as stubbing your toe or accidentally hammering your finger during some routine DIY. However a serious accident can result in quite severe internal bruising and this would fall outside the remit of home prescribing and demand urgent, professional medical attention. Common symptoms of mild bruising can include any of the following: Pain and tenderness at the site of the blow or injury, swelling of the injured are, localized, progressive discoloration of the skin that changes from red to purple and ever to a rather lurid bluish -greenly-yellow in the last stages of healing.

Practical self-help – As long as the skin around the bruise has not been broken, apply an ice pack to ease pain and reduce inflammation. Bruises, where the skin has not been cut or grazed, can be very soothed by an application of Arnica cream. This reduces any pain and tenderness and also encourages the traumatized tissue to reabsorb blood, thereby speeding up the healing process. If a limb has been badly bruised, keeps it moving as much as possible in order to keep the blood circulating. Witch hazel has a very soothing, cooling effect on bruised skin. However, it is highly astringent and therefore may not be suitable for anyone with very sensitive skin.

CAUTION! IF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING OCCUR, GET SWIFT MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: A serious fall or major accident that has resolved in the casualty feeling drowsy or confused, Any injury to the head, Bruising of the eye socket, In addition, get your doctor's opinion if you notice that the skin is repeatedly bruising for no reason, or if bruises take longer than a few days to heal – ideally, even a nasty breeze should not take longer than this to show sign of recover. We need to put medicine as fast as we can to rub of the pain and tenderness. []