Finishing the Praxis II Test on Time and Passing It

A lot has been said about passing the Praxis II – some say that it is easy; some say that it is hard; many have attested that it is unbelievable – no wonder a big percentage of the test takers fail, fail and fail! Remember that the Praxis II test is a timed test; can you do well under pressure? You may be an excellent teacher, no doubt about that. But in order for you to become a teacher or continue working as an educator according to ETS standards, you need to pass these time-constrained tests. Can you really do that? Are you sure you have it in the bag?

It is Time I can not Waste …

A 58 year old vocational educator from Pennsylvania is in the brink of losing her career as a Cosmetology teacher in one of the most prestigious schools in the state. Post why? This is because she has not yet passed one of the tests required of her – Subject Assessments. She did pass the 2 other requirements which are PLT and Teaching Foundation, however, that is after 8 tries. She had to take it 8 times just so she can get a passing score applicable for her state. She is 58 years old and has been teaching for 11 years with practical salon experience of 20 years. Does this make her a terrible teacher because she failed her Praxis II over and over again?

She is not a terrible teacher, in fact, her students love her! She is one of the best educators in her field. But the state dictates, she has to pass her exams or she will never teach again. This is her dilemma.

Time, Time and Time – Can the Exam be Done on Time?

She says that she only has 1 hour to finish 40 Math questions. For an average person, that can be done. But remember, she is 58 years old. She has been out of school for a very long time. She is teaching Cosmetology education and yet, she has to pass a Math exam for her Praxis II certification! Her frustration is that even if the test is 10 hours, she will never finish it on time because she does not have content knowledge about it apart from the fact that the test is timed. She teaches Cosmetology and not Math and still she has to answer questions like "What is the vertex of a triangle?" – These type of questions were NEVER taught to her in Cosmetology school (she took a vocational course and went on to become a Beauty Specialist before she become a teacher – as she says, her calling).

If only the questions in subject assessments were like: how to dye the hair, how to use a flat iron or how many levels are in a single hair strand – she can answer these. But then, she has to pass something that she does not have any background on, forgot all about it and to think, the Praxis II tests are time pressured.

Crunch Time, Teachers!

Do you have the same problem as hers? Time is gold. This is the saying. It is really difficult to answer something you do not know, let alone to be pressured by time and the thought of "If I can not do this right, where will I go from here? I will stop teaching. This is devastating on my part because I love being a teacher. I love imparting knowledge and ideas to my students and seeing them learn something new every day is an invaluable reward. It can not be paid by money – the feeling that because of me, people have learned is most gratifying. "

Time is the main issue on your Praxis II test. This is your problem. Can it be solved? Like every other concern, yes it can be remedied. Knowing that you have this problem is the first step in finding a solution.

If you have troubles finishing an exam because time is too short, then, the only thing to do is train yourself to answer faster. How can you do that? You are going to have to prepare for your test. Take a good month before your said exam and tutor yourself to answer Praxis II practice test timely.

Try to answer 1 question per minute. Do that with your Praxis II sample tests. This will increase your chances with a timely answering of your exam and giving you more time to re-check answers.

Whether you are taking Cosmetology, Theatre, Social Studies, English or Agriculture, you still have to take a Math test. Most majors require that. The So, to answer by vBulletinĀ® the time the back- testing says "stop writing", you need to know exam secrets on Praxis II. There are study guides that can help you ace the exam and answer it in a jiffy.

How come other people pass the exam and say that it is easy? It is because they were ready. They have test prep on Praxis II. They have allotted specific time per question and everything was answered. You can do this too and pass the exam without worrying about time – if you have the right study materials.