Fingernail Fungus Picture

Many people try to confirm their fears of nail fungus infection by comparing their nails to a fingernail fungus picture. While it can be very useful to do this, it is also somewhat dangerous: a photograph does not tell the whole story and other types of nail disease can look similar enough to nail fungus to cause considerable confusion. The best course of action is to have an unhealthy nail examined by a physician.

A physician brings years of experience and medical training to the task of diagnosing infections. He or she also knows something about other nail disorders that give a fingernail fungus picture, but are caused by something else. A physician can take samples and order laboratory tests to get the diagnosis confirmed, or refer you to a specialist if necessary. Your physician may well have pictures of fingernail fungus and other nail disorders that you can study and compare with his or her guidance.

Keeping in mind that a visit to your physician will provide you with information and resources that a fingernail fungus picture never can, you will find many excellent pictures of fingernail fungus on the internet just by typing "nail fungus photo" in the Google search bar. A good site to visit is the Hardin library for Health Sciences at []. Try to find photographs of other nail disorders as well, for comparison. (You should be able to find these at the Hardin Library as well.)

The fungi that cause nail infection break down the nail and sometimes spread to surrounding skin. When the skin is damaged by spreading fungus infection, or by other causes, the risk of other organisms, such as harmful bacteria, invading is also increased (think of any break in the skin and the necessity of keeping it clean so that it doesn ' t become infected). Even if invading bacteria are not causing a problem, they can change the fingernail fungus picture. Pseudomonas, for example, a bacteria that often colonizes nails, produces a green color, instead of the typical green or black of fungus. Stock pictures of fingernail fungus are unlikely to show such a combination.

So when it comes to pictures of fingernail fungus, a picture may speak a thousand words but it does not always speak the truth. Nail diseases can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. If you want to get rid of the problem in the least possible amount of time, do not rely on a fingernail fungus picture to tell you what is wrong. See your physician and get a proper diagnosis.