Finger Oxygen Monitor Troubleshooting


Since finger oximeters emit infrared light down to the blood capillaries, there are some cases where the device might stall or even not work at all, and it is therefore important for the user to be able to know when trouble comes knocking. First, you should be in a position to comfortably interpret the finger oxygen monitor’s error messages, which are usually, are usually displayed through the gadget. Nevertheless, this can only be achieved not through placing the gadget on ones finger but careful reading and understanding of the manual that accompanies the product.

Blinking or faded displays from the oximeter should be interpreted as a sign that batteries need to be changed. As you go about the motions of carrying out the exercise, bear in mind that the oximeter uses a different kind of batteries and you should as such contact your local store to see if they stock them. Inactivation on the part of an oximeter shows that maybe the correct finger placing instructions have not been followed. If this happens to be the case then replacement and consulting of the manual should be considered. Again, this might be because of poor battery placement. You should check to see if the batteries have been well placed.

If you notice that, your device is giving you excessively high or quite low readings, then you should know that you never allowed it to acclimatize to room temperature. This can be achieved through leaving it for some time for it to be able to get to room temperature or adjusting the temperature in the room if necessary. Also, try to seek manual clarification.