Finger Fungus – What Causes Finger Nail Fungus?

If you have finger fungus, you may be wondering how this happened – what causes finger nail fungus?  Your nails may range in color, anywhere from yellow to brown, and sometimes they even turn black.  Or maybe they’re so thick that you have to by special clippers just to trim them.  All of these symptoms are signs of nail fungus.  

There are many causes of finger fungus.  First of all, fungi are always present on your skin and nails.  Typically though, we wash them off before they seep into our pores and do damage.  And then, of course, new fungi appear.  It’s an ongoing process that doesn’t really do any harm.  The problem comes when this fungi finds an entrance into your pores or through cracks in your fingernails.  This is what causes the problem you are seeing on your nails.

Fungus thrives in warm, wet places.  So obviously this is why people tend to pick up finger fungus from places like locker rooms, showers, swimming pools or Jacuzzis.  People also have frequently caught a nail fungus from nail salons because of the lack of sanitation which enables the fungi to be passed from person to person through the use of their tools.  It is probably a good idea to avoid these places in general, and especially if you suffer from a nail fungus.

We are rough on our feet.  They take more beating than you may realize.  This can cause tiny little cracks in our nails which are almost invisible to the naked eye.  But these openings, however small, provide a perfect opportunity for fungus to enter into out nail bed and multiply.  Once it is in there, it is extremely hard to get rid of due to the fact that it gets into a place that we can’t access – underneath the bed of our nails.

People who smoke are more likely to get finger fungus due to the fact that smoking dries out your nails making them crack, break, and peel more easily.  Those with diabetes are also at a much higher risk as their nails tend to stay in poor health due to the poor circulation in their extremities.  If you smoke or have diabetes, it is important that you practice prevention methods against nail fungus.

If you see signs of possible finger fungus showing on your nails, there are things you can do at home to help alleviate the symptoms of this condition.  First and most importantly, keep your nails as dry as possible at all times.  When you finish your bath, dry your hands and feet thoroughly before putting on any socks and/or shoes.  If you or someone in your family is suffering from nail fungus, you can prevent spreading it to others by keeping your floors and tubs clean, and do not share towels or any other item that touches the infected area.