Finding the Toe Nail Fungus Remover That is the Best

Toe nail fungus infection is also called Onychomychosis or Tinea Unguium in medical term. This infection is caused by Dermatophytes, parasitic fungus that absorbs food and energy source from skin of hosts like humans. Risk factors in toe nail fungal infections are aging, sex, genetic make up, working conditions and medical conditions. The best toe nail fungus remover is a topical solution that has natural ingredients such as essential oils that deeply penetrate the skin and toe nail. Essential oils containing antifungal and antibacterial properties fight the fungus as well as its complications such as ingrown infection.

Oral toe nail fungus removers are expensive and cause side effects such as nausea, stomach aches, diarrhea and in some cases liver damage or even heart failure. To ensure side effects are in check, doctors require patients to under go regular liver function tests. Although success rate is above seventy percent, these oral toe nail fungus removers do not guarantee non-recurrence of the infection. A topical toenail fungus treatment made from natural oils and ingredients is the best option plus it is less expensive and the treatment period can be shorter.

There are a number of home remedy nail fungus treatments also, but if you are looking for a treatment that is simple and isn’t too time consuming then you should look for a homeopathy treatment, instead of a home remedy. Often the “home toenail fungus” remedies can be very time consuming and unfortunately toenail fungus remedies, no matter the type or method, take months to cure the infection.