Finding the Best Hospitals in Shanghai, China

Shanghai, situated on the estuary of Yangtze River, is a prominent economic, cultural, international trade, science and technology center in East China. It is also a major tourist destination where one can see the great blend of western and oriental cultures, ancient and modern.

Shanghai has a number of modern, international hospitals and clinics. Many of these hospitals provide VIP or foreigners' clinics where the most sophisticated medical technology and English-speaking staff are available. In private hospitals, an advance payment is often required unless you have recognized international health insurance.

A brief description of some of the better hospitals in Shanghai is given below.

Shanghai East International Medical Center is a trusted name in Shanghai for family health care services. This hospital of diverse specialties was opened in 2003, providing world class treatment and services in all medical departments by highly experienced doctors and support staff. This hospital located at 551 South Pudong Road Pudong, Shanghai is especially well known among the international community. The hospital has excellent foreign medical facility wing run by fluent English speaking staff. Tel: (86 21) 5879-9999

United Family Hospitals and Clinics is the most prominent, international standard medical service and healthcare organization in China; Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics (SHU) is one of their leading centers. SHU was founded in 2004 and is a joint concern between Chindex International Inc. and the Shanghai Changning Central District Hospital group. They have established an international team of physicians to offer effective and comprehensive healthcare services in a warm, caring and service-oriented environment.

Parkway Health is at present, the largest private healthcare provider in Asia. Parkway Health is a trusted name within the international community for their superior health care services. They provide most modern treatment and services through highly professional foreign trained English speaking doctors. They have established a 24-hour customer friendly Appointment Service and have billing arrangements with more than 20 major international health insurance providers.

Global Health Care is a world famous medical and dental center that has been providing high quality patient care and services at the Shanghai branch, located at Shanghai Kerry Center, Shop 301, 1515 Nan Jing West Road, Jin An District, Shanghai. This hospital is operated by top performing doctors and dentists from countries like the US, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and Japan. Moreover the center provides specialists in areas like Cardiology, Urology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, General Medicine, Psychiatry, Family Dentistry, Clinical Psychology, Nutrition etc.This international group hospital is a much trusted medical center both among the domestic and foreign patients mainly due to the no-compromise attitude of the hospital towards quality and devoted service. Tel (8621) 5298-6339, (8621) 5298-5833

Huashan Hospital is one of the biggest and most reliable health care institutes in Shanghai. This comprehensive teaching hospital was founded in 1907 and is registered to Fudan university. It is the primary hospital of China Red Cross society in Shanghai. The hospital has got an exclusive center for foreigners which is a real world-class endeavor in all aspects. The Foreigners' Clinic is located at 1068 Changle Lu (Foreigner's Ward) Tel: 6248 9999 ext 2500

Renai Hospital located at the 133 Caoxi Lu , Xuhui District, Shanghai is a favorite hospital for the foreign visitors because the hospital provides communication assistance to the patients in all major languages ​​such as Russian, Hindi, Korean, Spanish and Japanese. The hospital possesses top-of-the-line treatment facilities, lab and pharmacy systems in a patient friendly environment at affordable cost. Tel: 021 5489 3781 or 6468 8888